Heavy layers Super Harco

We know already, that  there is a lot of layers breeds : white, brown, black, and all they are firstly layers and not meet producers. If you kill a layer after one year, you will not be able to roast it, because it will be too lean and suitable just for cooking. Especialy high production white breeds are very lean. Broiler is another extremeness : a lot of high quality meat, but  eggs production starts after 6 months and is very low.  There are heavy layers breeds  Tetra Harco  and Tetra H  between the layers and broilers.  Again products of Hungarian company Babolna Tetra,  the new products in Lithuanian market.  They are similar to broilers, but produce a fair amount of brown eggs.

Heavy layer Super Harco looks very similar to Harco, it's colored  black and brown . You can see in photos below, the color of  females  varies from black with some brown feathers to almost brown with some black feathers. The males are white-black barred, very gorgeous, like hawks.

 Very important feature of Super Harco is  possibility to sex them in day-old age. Females are black and males have white "hats".  

Rearing till 20 weeks :

Mortality : 5-6 %

Females weight : 2.1-2.3 kg

Production till 73 weeks :

Egg number : 170-190

Feed amount per hen per day : 135-145 g

Average weight of eggs : 60-62 g

Weight of females : 2.7-3.2 kg


The most important feature of Super Harco is that males are gaining weight almost like the brown broilers. Usually they are reaching weight 2.1 - 2.3 kg in 3 months and can be slaugted. Their meat is very tasty and mild. The females are kept for eggs production. Once more important feature is a high weight of females after first laying period, it reaches 2,7-3,2 kg and females can be slaughted also. So , it's clear that you  will have double profit : eggs and meat. Of course, this cross is not the best for industrial farms, but this is  a good choice for villagers and small  poultry growers to have own eggs and meat.


Day-old Super Harco males, directly arrived from Hungary in carton boxes ,before unloading. Nice, healthy chickens. The males are  heavier and bigger than another chickens. 

Third picture : Super harco female in age 10 days. 


Super Harco male and female in age 4 weeks. Our farm. You can see specific colors of both genders.


Hi, we became some bigger,  now 7 weeks old.  Where  will bee is our new house ?  


Super Harco management guide in English :


PS : recently we reiceived the new Super Harco standard weights, they are signally higher, than in this management, dated 2013 year.