Recently created new Hungarian white layer cross  Blanca is a product for industrial  poultry farms. A lot of eggs are  processed into diferent products , yolk is separated from albumen and sold in different size packages, there are egg powder and another products for gastronomy, bakers, sportsmanns etc. White layers produce white shell eggs, but they are not popular in our supermarkets, peoples prefere to buy brown eggs. Nobody knows why.  White eggs are verry common to further processing and they are the cheapest.

White layers have less body mass and use less feed to produce equall amount of eggs,  comparing to brown or black layers. But they are also more sensitiv to feed quality and housing conditions. They don't like frost, because all white  commercial breeds origin from white Italian leghorns. Birds are very light , body mass after laying in 80 weeks is only 1.6-1.7 kg. It's almost nothing to eat after slaughting, suitable just for supe. But...they have the lowest feed consuption and produce the biggest amount of eggs. Blanca is also typical "leghor", the breed for commercial farms, but some peoples like them and keep them home as well.



Rearing untill 17 weeks :

Mortality : 3-4%

Feed consumption till 17 weeks : 5.3-5.4 kg

Body mass in 17 week : 1.25-1.30 kg

Production period untill 80 weeks :

Mortality 6-7 %

Production peak : 95-96 %

Egg mass hen housed : 21.4 kg

Egg number : 360-365 pcs

Average egg weight : 61.2 g

Shell color : white


Day-old Blanca chickens three days after delivery from Hungarian company Babolna Tetra Kft.  Very nice, clean and quick birds. Will be nice pullets for sale.

Second picture : Blanca chickens in age 10 days.


Blanca pullet in age 4 weeks. Our farmю

Blanca pullet in age 7 weeks.  



Blanca white layers  mannagement guide in English.