Black layer Harco- another product of  Hungarian company Babolna Tetra Kft. This cross is suitable to industrial conditions, but all his advantages you will  see in organic and ecological farming. Harco is very resistent to poor feeding and housing conditions and especially to hot climat. One of most popular breeds between small farmers and poultry fans, especially in southern countries of Europe, Asia. Africa and South America. Well known breed in Baltic States as well. Produces brown colored eggs . Production is a little bit lower than brown layers, but similar situation is with all black layers. The genetic of Harco comes from USA,  the breed was created there and just later sold to Hungary.

Rearing untill 17 weeks :

Mortality 2-3 %

Feed consumption untill 177 week : 5.7-5.9 kg

Body weight in 17 week : 1.45-1.50 kg

Production period untill 80 weeks :

Mortality 5-7 %

Production peak: 94.5-95.5 %

Egg mass hen housed : 21.3 kg

Average egg weight : 63.3 g

Feed consumption per hen per day: 118-123 g

Egg shell color : brown


Day-old Harco chickens directly after delivery from Hungary.  Looking healthy  and nice. We expect to have nice layers.

Second picture : chickens in age 10 days. 


Harco pullet in age 4 weeks.  Our farm.

Pullet in age 7 weeks.  Nice and healthy birds. 


Harco management guide in English :