Tetra SL

Brown layers Tetra SL from Hungary ( company Babolna Tetra Kft) are more and more popular in  Europe and another continents. Babolna Tetra Kft is one of the oldest poultry companies, established in 1783 year. In poultry business about 50 years. Company has  a set of own breeds. There are white, brown , black and colored layers, brown broilers as well. Tetra SL final hybrid males are white with brown flecks on the wings,  the females -brown with some white feathers on the tail. This cross is very similar to another commercial breeds, like Lohmann Brown or ISA brown, but has some own signs, like very good production and love mortality  in the end of production. The eggs are brown colored, birds are less sensitive to quality of feed and life conditions comparing to another breeds. 

Tetra SL is very resistent and strong bird. You can find them in all continents, except Australia and Antarktida, but Australia is only question of time. 


Rearing untill 17 weeks : 

Mortality : 2-3 %

Feed consumption : 5.7-5.9 kg

Body weight in  age 17 week : 1.42-1.46 kg

Production untill 80 weeks : 

Mortality 4-6 %

Production peak : 95-96 %

Production hen housed : 357 eggs

Average egg weight : 63.3 g

Egg mass hen housed : 22.80 kg

Feed intake per bird per day : 107-113 gr


Tetra SL day-old chickens in first minutes after arriving from Hungary. January 12, 2016. Nice, healthy and clean birds. Should grow into nice layers. 

Second picture : chickens in age 10 days, January 23, 2016. 


Third picture : the pullets in age 4 weeks.

We are already 7 weeks old pullets. 


Tetra SL management guide in English :