Broiler chickens for sale

   White  broiler chickens Ross-308 are  available for sale  . Price of day-old chick is 1 eur. Price of  7 days old- 1,90 eur, 14 days old- 2,30 eur. 




Regarding the exact age and price of chickens please call: +370-682-39186, +370-612-22843, +370-346-50243. 


White broiler breeds Ross-308 and Cobb-500  at the moment are the most popular broiler chicken breeds in Europe and in the world.

Although these chickens are intended for the industrial breed, they are also very popular among the individual breeders and small farmers, especially in the warm season time. It must be noted that these two chicken breeds were founded by two different companies– Scotish Aviagen Ltd and American Cobb-Vantress, Inc. However, they are so similar regarding their breeding and nurturing requirements that for the non-industrial farmer there is no big difference ,which one of these breed to choose. What is more important is to make sure whether the chickens are brought by the reliable supplier, whether they descend from the healthy breeding flocks, and whether they have been hatched in the appropriate hatcheries.




This is why the farm of Marius Steponavicius orders chickens only in the well-known, modern, and reliable chicken farms-suppliers. Moreover, the farm of Marius Steponavicius carries chickens only with the specialized transport. Usually we do not sell the chickens in the day of their arrival from the suppliers. Instead we give them some time to relax, to peck up and to get stronger before being sold. Our farm will offer you broiler chickens of various ages – one day old ones, couple week old ones and other particular age – depending on your need. About start of selling white broilers you will be informed in advance.