Pullets for sale

 Dear Customers, 

Sales of curent year already  started.  We sell  various coloured pullets again. Breeds of Czech company Dominant are available for sale  ( as in the pictures). New of this year- pullets, laying green eggs.  Age of  pullets 2.5 month, price 6.5 euro ( 7.5 euro green eggs producers) .

For fans we give possibility to acquire  1- 7 days old Hungarian chicks, which arrived to our farm on 15th of January. They are  already vaccinated in hatchery against Marek disease, infectious bronchitis,  Newcastle disease and infectious laryngotracheitis. Price of chick 1,6 - 2,0 euro. 




  Hungarian  layer breeds, age 2,5 montth,  will be available   starting April month   :  Tetra SL ( industrial brown) , Harco ( black), SuperHarco ( heavy black), Tetra H ( heavy rural type), Amber ( white with brown flecks) and SuperB ( white industrial). 




 Phone numbers for information : +370-682-39186, +370-612-22843, +370-346-50243